Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Various & Sundry

A ... very faithful, high fidelity redo of Ryu's theme music from Capcom's Street Fighter 2, this is a video-game soundtrack remix by someone who has (non-videogame-related) contributions in for MIST1015, the Mistigris artpack my call for submissions is still out for (so if you think you might have something for us, let's talk!) Me, I like to do remixes with (like the PMJ) radically new approaches (as I say in my band, it takes a lot of work to end up a bad Tom Waits imitator) and the slick SF2 songs were never really up my alley to begin with (Blanka's I like), but this is clearly a lot of work and executed very successfully!

We have more video game remixes -- some of which you have already enjoyed leaked exclusively here, some of which are otherwise totally inaccessible -- currently released in a convoluted fashion, in an artpack, MIST2000, which awaits anyone who is capable of overcoming a series of oldschool puzzle challenges demonstrating mastery of all the traditional computer arts. In time its remaining game remix tracks will also be leaked here, but for the time being I want to encourage people to try their hands at the puzzles and see if they can unlock the content. Go on and have a try!

So those obligatory mentions having been made, I wanted to nod at a couple of recent Pac-Man observations:

Here he is at a German protest lodging his vote against the Trans Pacific Partnership, being invoked in a kind of Acromania. And sinister as that context is, here's an even worse one... Fentanyl is a strong narcotic that has been working its way into the local heroin supply, producing a rash of overdose deaths from people not injecting what they thought they were injecting. Public health advisories have been issued, but for those to protect you first you have to be looking for them and secondly you have to understand what they say. This is a guerrilla effort to convey the same message to busy junkies on the go.

Sorry for drifting away; in addition to raising my now-two children, I have also been consumed with my temporarily renewed hobby of assembling and releasing artpacks. By this time next year I should be done with this revival of my adolescent passions and back to my adult diversions of endlessly blogging on highly esoteric matters of digital culture. You should be so lucky!